Le café où les enfants palestiniens prennent soin les uns des autres

Soutenu par DCI-Palestine, les adolescents palestiniens du
camp de réfugiés de Dheisheh créent un espace pour apprendre et pour
tisser des liens avec leurs pairs au milieu de la violence de

Par Fatima AbdulKarim, le 3 Octobre 2022 

Over 200 Organizations demand international community stand against raids and closures of 7 Palestinian organizations

Law for
Palestine, along with over 200 Organizations demand international
community stand against raids and closures of 7 Palestinian

UN Board of Inquiry on Gaza

The President of the Security Council presents her compliments to the
members of the Council and has the honour to transmit herewith, for
their information, a copy of a letter dated 27 April 2015 from the
Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council,
and its enclosure.

This letter and its enclosure will be issued as a document of the Security Council under the symbol S/2015/286.


Syria, three reports on use of chemical weapons

Reports on use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Find in attachment US and French reports and informations about the Russian one.

How to recognize a chemical attack compared to a conventional one

Interview with Paola Manduca, professor of Genetics at the University
of Genoa, and coordinator of the New Weapons Committee, a group of
researchers who deal with the study long-term effects of the use of
non-conventional weapons on populations.

Call to Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers and Jurists, to endorse a request of enquiry to Un assembly, Hrc, Who, Unrwa

To the Secretary General of UN Assembly, Marcos Manuel D'Escoto,
to the Human Right Council,
to the World Health Organization,
to the UN representative for Palestine Prof. Richard Falk
and for information to Dr. Gingues of UNWRA in Gaza

We, the undersigned organizations and professionals in Medicine, Science and Law ask you to respond to with prompt and strong determinations to the issues raised by the report of illegal, inhumane and uncontrollable weapons on the civil population in Gaza, specifically with reference to the use of thermobaric weapons in populated areas, targeting of civilians and children by so called low collateral damage weapons and DIME, use of White Phosphorus on inhabited areas, use of weapons that liberate submunitions, use of heavy metals containing weapons that pollute and put at risk the population for the time to be.

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